ZŠ a MŠ Chalabalova

Chalabalova was one of the four Brno Primary schools establishing Czech Dalton Association in 1996 and the school currently belongs to the Czech Dalton network.  Teachers of kindergarten and elementary school promote Dalton principles self-reliance, cooperation and responsibility.

The school programme stresses ´21st century skills´ including  critical thinking, problems solving and creativity. Respect, communication and social skills belong to the main class principles.  

Teaching of English in kindergarten groups and 1st and 2nd classes is conducted within the frame of the programme ´Learning English´ organized by the City of Brno. The school programme offers to the students of 2nd stage also German and Russian.

The most popular afterschool activities are sports and dance circles, art and ceramics, playing the guitar and other musical instruments, cooking classes, English drama, conversation classes and Spanish.