Gymnázium Brno-Řečkovice

Brno-Řečkovice Secondary School is located in the capital of South Moravian region in the Czech Republic. It offers an eight-year study programme for students aged 11 – 19, ending with the Czech form of A-level exam which is called „Maturita“.

There are 16 classes, 2 classes in every grade. The Secondary School offers a wide range of subjects, science as well as humanities. Students are encouraged to responsibility approach their education and are motivated to develop their individual abilities. The Science courses aim at blending theory with practice, the curriculum is enhanced by surveys and experiments.

A number of language courses is available thorought the studies – from the 1st grade, English is taught compulsory; German or French is an optional addition at the 3th grade. During the 5th and 6th year students take a Latin course.

Educational process in the hiegher grades (from 5th to 8th) runs in cooperation with universities and scientifical organisations. Students practice in laboratories and visit the high-level scientific centers.

Studying at this school will thoroughly prepare the students for their further studies at universities and technical colleges.