Design thinking

Design Thinking is an educational method aimed at activating the creative talents of student and use these skill to further improve their own surroundings. This requires empathy, analytical thinking, creativity, flexibility, action and dealing with feedback. In the grant project the programme will be applied at different schools by the teachers. This will be monitored by the university (PLATO) and on the basis of the evaluation the methodology will be further developed. PLATO is a research and development agency owned by the university of Leiden in the Netherlands. In PLATO it is all about learning: learning in school, learning in training, learning at work. Research, development, opinions and evaluations PLATO contributes to the strengthening of learning environments in all sectors of society. Dr. Jaap van Lakerveld is the director of PLATO. He is responsible for the impact analysis. Karin Koens and Yfke de Jong, teachers SCOL, are processing the method in a manual. All the participating organisations will implement Design Thinking in their curriculum and test and evaluate. In a report, they provide input for the study of Plato into the effectiveness of Design Thinking in the education of talented and as input for the manual.